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Hikishop.com’s Deals feature allows our customers the chance to purchase some of our best selling products at an even greater discount. It’s simple, receive our group buy emails or regularly check the site and when you see something you like, buy it right away before the deal is snapped up by others and sold out.

How long will it take to get my items? 
We ship all items within 1-2 working days or less.

Where do you ship to? 
Hikishop.com ships to virtually every country in the world, including all of North America and Europe. If you are worried we might not ship to you, please contact us by hikishop@gmail.com.

How do I contact Customer Service once I’ve placed my order? 
We offer comprehensive, fast customer service to all our customers. We reply all items within 24 hours normally.

Why is there no match for my email address and/or password?

•  You may have entered your email address incorrectly.

Please make sure that you are using the email address you provided when setting up your account. You may have entered an alternate email address by mistake.

•  The password you entered may be incorrect.

The password you created when you registered an account contains a minimum of 6 characters. Please check that you have the correct password and try again.

If you have forgotten your password, you can click here to reset your password.

Why is there no match for my order number and email address?

Please check the confirmation email you received when you placed your order to verify the information, and try again.

If you are certain you have the correct order number and email address but still cannot view your order status, please contact us hikishop@gmail.com

Why can’t I see my other orders?

I have an account:

•  You may have placed some orders as a guest. These orders will not appear in My Account when you are logged in. To view these orders, please check the email confirmation you received when you placed your order and use this information to check your Order Status via “Guest Customers” on the login page.

•  You may have used your order number and email address to view your order status; this method of checking order status only displays one order at a time.

I don’t have an account

•  You have placed your order as a guest. Checking your order status using your email address and order number only displays one order at a time. To view your other orders, you will have to use the order number and email address associated with each individual order to check your Order Status one by one via “Guest Customers” on the login page.

I don’t know if I have an account

•  You can still check order status. Please check the email confirmation you received when you placed your order and use this information to check your Order Status via “Guest Customers” on the login page.

What if I am making a business order?

We are more than happy to provide our excellent service to business or corporate customers who are making larger orders. If you are looking to place a larger order for your business or company, please feel free to contact us hikishop@gmail.com

How can I cancel an order?


If you have not paid for your order yet, there is no need to contact us to cancel it. We receive hundreds of 'test' orders each day which our members are using to quote certain cart contents and save the invoice for later references.
We ignore all orders until a matching payment is received. So if you haven't paid, don't worry, we are not processing your order.
You are under no obligation to follow through and pay for an order just because you checked out your shopping cart online. If you want to do test orders to save certain invoices for later you are welcome to do this.
If your order is more than a week old please note you may not be able to "reactivate" it by sending a payment, because the prices of the items may have changed as well as the shipping rates and currency conversions. You may need to repeat the order with a new cart.

If you have already paid for an order and want to cancel it, please contact us as soon as possible.
If you are uncertain about something in your order and you wish to change it, please contact us and put the order on hold while you decide. This will stop the packaging process so you still have time to make changes.
If the package has already been delivered we cannot cancel or change the order.
If you want to cancel an order because you are ADDING further products, but not canceling the previous items, simply contact us and we will process it, usually for no extra fees.

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